Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.  

On Manufacturing Day our local manufacturers open their doors to showcase what manufacturing is and isn’t to Cooke County High School Students as they witness manufacturing in action.  Following facility tours, students and manufacturers come back to the Civic Center for lunch.  Tables are set up with 9 students and one manufacturing leader giving students to ask questions about their tours while building personal relationships with executives.  The event ends with a trade show representing all manufacturers and education partners.  Students receive a passport that spotlights each Manufacturer – what they make, the career opportunities they offer with potential earnings and what they are looking for in new recruits.

Have you thought about the kind of career you want?

Not every student wants to continue their education focused on academics. Do you have an interest in how things work? If so, consider a career in manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry has evolved into a modern, highly skilled sector. The industry is advanced and requires a diverse level of skills from both men and women. It is the backbone of our community with 22% of our workforce in manufacturing roles. Skilled talent is highly valued and well compensated. The dual credit program at NCTC provides certificate and degree opportunities to learn skills that help you get started, sometimes with the support of tuition grants.

Gainesville is fortunate to have high-tech, nationally recognized manufacturing companies that serve the Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Transportation Industries, and more. Explore the many opportunities in your hometown. After all, careers start here!

Manufacturing Day 2018

  • High School students attending Manufacturing Day has progressively grown: 50 in 2016, 100 in 2017 and 200 in 2018.
  • In 2018 our event grew to include Cooke County High School students from Gainesville, Callisburg, Era, Lindsay, Muenster and Valley View ISD’s.
  • Students tour 2 manufacturers in the morning and come to the Civic Center for lunch with a manufacturer host and presentations including some fun skits to emphases the impotence of making a good first impression.


  • Forges a strong partnership between educators and manufacturers to create career pathways for students.
  • Creates pathways for Cooke County teachers to experience local manufacturers to be knowledgeable about local career options for students.
  • Host Annual Manufacturing Day for High School Students and Annual Career Fair for 8th Graders.
  • Implements Manufacturer Spotlights to educate our community about our local manufacturers.

Students enjoy the great work of Safran Seats USA during their tour of the Gainesville, TX facility.

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