Manufacturing Consortium

In May of 2017, a Manufacturing Consortium was formed in Cooke County with a commitment to affect the community’s perception of manufacturing, inspire students to pursue manufacturing careers, and strengthen the future growth of manufacturing by avoiding a talent shortage.

Today’s manufacturing jobs are highly skilled and a career in manufacturing is interesting and rewarding. 22% of the local workforce is in manufacturing today. To help continue to have a strong talent pipeline, the Consortium has three main initiatives.

01. Strong partnership between Manufacturers, North Central Texas College and our Cooke County High Schools.

  • Dual Credit and Technical Certifications to provide local high school students opportunities to enter the workforce with good paying jobs.  Strong curriculums that support the talent needs of local manufacturers.
  • Promote scholarship and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Promote additional opportunities when Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree is achieved.

02. Annual Manufacturing Day

  • Create personal relationships between students and manufacturers.
  • Expose students to the career opportunities in manufacturing.
  • Educate students about the advanced technologies, state of the art facilities, fast-paced work environments and dispel the image of what manufacturing used to be. 
  • Provide student’s concise information about careers in manufacturing that they can share with their parents.

03. Manufacturing Matters Spotlights

  • Spotlight a different Manufacturer each month.
  • Create a “Wall of Fame” in the technical corridor in our high schools, college and GEDC hall promoting each Manufacturer.
  • Host a Power Lunch at the High School each month with the Spotlight Manufacturer. Coordinate personal facility tours for interested students.
  • Spotlight Manufacturer Billboard campaign
  • Mayor Proclamation for Manufacturer Spotlight
  • Manufacturing Spotlight corner in local paper with articles on Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Matters website linked to GEDC website and local manufacturer site.

Important Announcements Concerning COVID-19 & Economic Disaster Relief