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Gainesville Economic Development Corporation recruits new industries while also helping our current businesses expand and grow.  Our residents have what many people prefer, the opportunity to work in the same community in which they live.  Our local employers provide excellent workforce opportunities to do just that.  Manufacturing employs 22% of our workforce.  Manufacturing matters in Gainesville!

The Manufacturing Matters initiative provides opportunity for students to learn about the educational opportunities available to them while in high school to learn technical skills that will help them gain employment after high school or act as a springboard to other degrees such as engineering.

Manufacturing Matters Book

Download our Manufacturing Matters Passport

The Manufacturing Matters Passport is a resource we developed in 2017 in support of Manufacturing Day. The book, designed as a handout for students, gives an overview of the career opportunities in Gainesville. From North Central Texas College’s fantastic dual credit program for high school students, to benefits of some of our local manufacturers, manufacturing provides a great career opportunity for students and the next generation of workforce in our community.

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